About Us

This business is no longer operational and this site is maintained for article resource purposes.

Cranks Bicycle Garage is Brisbane’s only dedicated bicycle workshop, focusing exclusively on all bicycle servicing and repairs…

Riding your bike should be a pleasure and the Cranks experience will make it that way! Also on offer at Cranks:

Personalised bike fitting
Maintenance classes

Cranks staff are committed to cycling and take pride in all areas of their work! You will experience good old fashioned customer service and unquestionable workmanship to the highest level. Cranks customers are welcome to wait while your bikes are serviced, our shop offers a waiting area and workshop counter for our customers to sit and chat ‘all things bikes’.

All bikes are welcome, from the weekly commuter, bush basher, kids’ speedster to the high end roadie. All work is guaranteed and we will work with you to make sure your ride is just right! Nothing beats the sound of a sweetly tuned bike and there is nothing worse than one that creaks, squeaks and grinds!

Cranks First Maintenance Classes are being held on Wednesday 15th April and Saturday 25th April.

The term passionate is widely used these days to describe a range of things. We have always describes ourselves as passionate about cycling.

The definition of the word ‘passionate’: intense, impassioned, zealous, emotional, heartfelt, eager, excited, animated, spirited, vigorous, strong, energetic……is exactly how you would describe who we are and why we do what we do.

At Cranks you will experience nothing short of ‘passionate service and work’ from the moment you walk through our doors, when you pick up your shiny, well serviced cycling machine and beyond.

 Laith, Cranks Owner and Head Mechanic, has over 18 years of experience in the bicycle industry both selling and repairing bikes. Laith is a fully qualified Bicycle Mechanic, passionate cyclist and has a family of passionate cyclists also. We guarantee that your bike will be treated as one of our own (many)!

Cranks cater for ALL types of Bikes from your precious little one right through to your weekly commuter and everything in between.