Cranks New Shop Kit

We just wanted to let you know about our new Cycling Kit we have available for purchase . I have attached photos and the link to the web-shop. We are having Prism manufacture the kit.

It can be purchased as a Jersey only by removing the other items in the cart.

We have a Female and Male version and you can also request the shorts to not be bib and have an elastic waist just contact Ollie Rainbow at Prism in the web-shop.

Let us know if you have any further enquires.



Chris has been an endurance Coach for over 10 years through his performance based squad PB3, and works closely with a small group of dedicated athletes that include everything from Elites down to beginners embarking on their first multisport event.

An exciting addition this year is an expert swim video analysis that can help bridge the difficulty of understanding technical concepts with swimming. Getting immediate feedback through seeing yourself often helps you to make make small improvement that result in big gains. It’s simply being smarter about the way you approach a highly technical sport.