Temple Nutrition

The idea of Temple Nutrition came together a long time ago with the main goal being to make real food accessible for everyone. We started by importing and selling Organic, Fairly Traded Whole Food and Superfood powders, however this quickly turned into blending raw ingredients into health and super boosters and then evolved into the most innovative Real Food Sports Nutrition on the planet. We could never quite understand why athletes would eat clean all week, while having every intention of filling themselves with synthetic, sugar filled products when race day came. This thought birthed what is now; Ambrosia Sports Nutrition.


Our first product was Naturalyte – a real food electrolyte, the first trial literally took place in our co-founders (Mark) kitchen. Naturalyte V.1 was a concoction of Apple Cider Vinegar, half a lemon, half a lime, Tbsp of Honey, Coconut water and I think watermelon. This showed us two things; that we had created Electrolyte Rocket Fuel and that we needed to quickly find some quality food powders.

Like the 3 pillars of Temple Nutrition, we all know that there are 3 main pillars to sports nutrition; Pre – Intra – Post. Our first 3 products were created to keep you hydrated before your race, fuelled during your race and will give you the ultimate recovery post race.

Naturalyte, Naturafuel & Revive Recovery are a match made in Sports Nutrition Heaven.

Temple Nutrition is bringing real whole food innovation to the sporting table, we intend to create and keep creating the best boundary testing, performance driving and body nourishing products the world has ever seen.

‘Mother nature has provided you with everything you would ever need, now we have made it convenient’

Enjoy and Welcome to the Clan.


Pottsville Enduro 2018

The past weekend saw some of Crank’s customers competing in the inaugural Tweed Enduro held at Pottsville. I find it a very enjoyable to see customers first hand riding the bikes that we have looked after from either a Servicing or Bike Fitting  capacity. It is what keeps me going seeing them riding more comfortably and efficiently on their bikes first hand. A big congratulations to all that competed with quite a few firsts for all that entered so well done. 

Doing these longer events can take a toll on your body especially if you are not correctly set up on the bike. It is like wearing a pair of running shoes that are the wrong size or fit.

Currently working on my own Bike Fit and working through injury I know first hand how important it is to be correctly fitted. Giving feedback to your Bike Fitter is important to ensure that there is no major issues occurring. 

This following quote from Ride Magazine clearly demonstrates how there is no single correct sizing and measurements for every body. We are all individual and for that reason each fit should be targeted to each individual.

This from RIDE magazine, issue #67 (March 2015), on the topic of “fit”:
“. . . obvious differences can be found when comparing seemingly identical riders. While they both stand at 187cm, veterans Ryder Hesjedal and Greg Henderson grip handlebars that are 42cm and 38cm respectively. Richie Porte uses 167.5mm cranks, whereas Domenico Pozzovivo (who is seven centimeters shorter) rides 170mm cranks. Also at 187cm, Luis Leon Sanchez is riding on a 110mm stem, as opposed to Marcel Kittel (188cm) who rides on a 140mm stem. These two also rest on surprisingly disparate saddles, with the 82kg Kittel riding on a width of 132mm, while 74kg Sanchez sits on a 143mm wide seat.
So what can we draw from this basic comparative snapshot? . . . nothing to suggest that we are any closer to elucidating the ideal position that can universally cover those who are similar in stature.”

I am currently looking into more tools to help in creating the perfect individual Bike Fit for our customers so stay tuned as Bike Fit is still one of my big passions and we never stop learning a better way. 

This weekend brings the Easter Bunny, we will be closed over the Easter period but I am around for any emergency repairs you an contact me on 0408707387.

 The fantastic photographs were taken by Alexandra from and big thank you for allowing us to use them on our web page. 

Have a safe Easter Break