Cranks Bicycle Workshop Menu – Price List

All repairs are completed by Laith Owner and Head Mechanic of Cranks Bicycle Garage.

Service Packages (All prices excludes parts) 

Tune Up Service $69

Degrease Service $110

Degrease and then some $169

 Full Strip $250

Other Services

                         Tune Up Service   $69

  • Full bike adjustments & lube
  • All bolts checked and tightened to manufacturers torque settings
  • Both wheels trued
  • Brakes, front and rear derailleurs adjusted
  • Headset checked and adjusted
  • Bike cleaned, chain and all pivot points re-lube 

                          De-grease Service  $110

  • Drivetrain removed, meticulously cleaned and re-lube
  • Drivetrain inspected for wear and reinstalled
  • Wheels are trued horizontally and laterally
  • Rims cleaned and brake –pads deglazed
  • All this in addition to the features of a Tune-Up Service
  • Recommended every 6 months depending on use. 

                          De-grease service  and then some $169

Attention is paid to the Bottom Bracket and Headset (both areas can be overlooked especially with Time Trial bar set up as the sweat can do some serious damage to the bearings).

  • Drive train and all parts degreased, cleaned, and inspected
  • Lube on all parts that require it – Bike is given then tweaked to an inch of its life!
  • Wheels trued horizontally and laterally
  • All this in addition to the features of a  Degrease Service

We recommend this service for bikes with regular use every 6 months AND for the Tri-Athletes on a more regular basis to have their headset checked and cleaned 

                          Full Strip $250

Your pride and joy will be stripped down to a naked frame, every component will be removed and lovingly cleaned checked for wear and lube applied

  • Spotless clean and inspection of your frame for any issues
  • Hubs – overhauled
  • Headset and bottom bracket – overhauled
  • Wheels trued and braking surfaces cleaned
  • It is recommend that cables are replaced in this service (fee for cables)
  • Plus all features of above Service packages are included‘ recommends this service for bikes who have regular use every 12 months.